Montare Builders


Montare: Italian for Assemble

To fit the parts of something together to make a finished whole, to bring people or things together or gather together in one place. 

Montare Builders is a full service general contractor.  We work directly with the homeowners through all phases of the construction process from initial design development to final certificate of occupancy.   We pride ourselves in completing construction on time and under budget.  Our services include but are not limited to; coordinating and facilitating design development, obtaining all necessary entitlements and permits, estimating construction costs and providing value engineering, adhering to a detailed construction schedule, acting as the homeowners representative, and working integrally with the engineers, architects, designers and craftsmen.

We Pledge to utilize our 75+ years of experience in building custom homes to make the process of building your dream home organized, enjoyable and satisfying.  Our goal is only completed once the finished product is everything you thought it would be and that your vision your lifestyle and your dream home has indeed become your reality.